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    Cabinets Stainless

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    • Manufacture: IAC
    • Stainless Steel 304
    • Wall thickness 1,5mm
    Type RF IP55

    Type RF IP55

    Size HxWxD
    RF 300x250x150, m.plate. 251x201 52-052
    RF 300x250x200, m.plate. 251x201 52-053
    RF 300x300x150, m.plate. 251x251 52-054
    RF 350x250x150, m.plate. 301x201 52-055
    RF 350x250x200, m.plate. 301x201 52-056
    RF 400x300x150, m.plate. 351x251 52-057
    RF 400x300x200, m.plate. 351x251 52-058
    RF 400x400x200, m.plate. 351x351 52-059
    RF 500x300x200, m.plate. 451x251 52-061
    RF 500x350x200, m.plate. 451x301 52-063
    RF 500x400x250, m.plate. 451x351 52-065
    RF 600x400x200, m.plate. 551x351 52-067
    RF 600x400x250, m.plate. 551x351 52-068
    RF 700x500x250, m.plate. 651x451 52-072
    RF 800x500x250, m.plate. 751x451 52-074
    RF 800x600x250, m.plate. 751x551 52-076
    RF 800x600x300, m.plate. 751x551 52-077
    RF 900x600x250, m.plate. 851x551 52-079
    RF 1000x800x250, m.plate. 951x751 52-084
    RF 1200x800x250, m.plate. 1151x751 52-087
    Other dimensions can be ordered by request.


    Lock with key 52-093
    Wallbracket 4pcs 2333 52-095