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    Module cabinets

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    • Schramm
    • Fiberglass reinforced polyester with a core of PU-foam
    • The Cabinets are also available in painted sheet steel or stainless sheet steel and in other models

    ESK Series

    SCHRAMM element cabinets, developed from a decade of building experience, can be constructed in many ways, when predetermined width, depth and height measurements are adhered to. Many fundamental variations can be realized and individual customer requirements can be accommodated. As the floor, walls and roof are built in one piece, the possibility exists to assemble the cabinet on site and to enlarge or to interchange single elements among one another.

    The series ESK construction is absolutely dimensionally stable and self supporting without any additional statical support system. All element cabinets are produced in a double skinned sandwich construction of fiberglass reinforced polyester with a core of PU-foam and are hermetically sealed. They are not only thermally insulated but also resistant to corrosion and the caustic effects of sea water. A stable, stainless steel floor base, designed for high load capacities, carries the cabinet. A variety of floor models are available on request.

    As a special advantage, model ESK-80 with 80 mm wall thickness and insulated floor base ensures an optimal insulation rate of k=0,35 W/m²K.

    Doors are outfitted and mounted with sturdy stainless steel hinges and angled rims which are painted in the same colour tone as the cabinet. The door can be opened 180°. They are sealed with high quality lip-profile rubber so that the protection factor IP 65 for single doors and IP 54 for double doors is guaranteed.

    Stainless steel screw sockets M 10 are furnished in all wall elements to allow for various types of inner installations and also high weight capacities.

    Roof Elements

    - Double  skinned  sandwich  construction  (PU-foam)
    - Walk able roof, high mechanical stability
    - Width lay out for ratchet measurements 500 and 1000 mm
    - Span width up to 4100 mm


    Floor  constructions  available  in  various  designs. The  separate  variations  are  suite  for  factory  requirements
    - Frame  in  stainless  U-profile  80  mm  ESK-20  (ESK-80  100  mm)
    - Without floor
    - Floor with aluminium checker-plate insulated with PU-foam
    - Floor with aluminium checker-plate insulated with stone wool and an additional  aluminium  plate

    Cabinet Height

    Model Wall element height Cabinet height without/with floor
    ESK-20 2020 mm 2140/2145 mm
    ESK-20 2420 mm 2540/2545 mm
    ESK-20 2820 mm 2940/2945 mm
    ESK-80 2420 mm 2600/2605 mm
    ESK-80 2820 mm 3000/3005 mm


    A - Middle Element ESK-20

    Width: 500 mm, 1000 mm

    Height: 2020 mm, 2420 mm, 2820 mm

    Size and height measurements of the cabinet is manufactured on your request.

    B - Corner Element ESK-20

    Width: 480/500 mm, 980/1000 mm

    Height: 2020 mm, 2420 mm, 2820 mm

    The corner element is combined with the middle element for every corner.

    C - Door Element ESK-20

    Outer measurements​
    Width: 960 mm 1460 mm 1960 mm
    Height: 2020 mm 2020 mm 2020 mm
    Inner measurements​
    Width: 880 mm 1380 mm 1880 mm
    Height: 1940 mm 1940 mm 1940 mm


    Standard Features

    - Colour: RAL 7035 grey tone
    - All wall elements are fitted with screw sockets M 10 made of stainless steel
    - Roof overhang 50 mm all around

    Model ESK-20:
    - Wall and door elements 20 mm thick
    - Roof elements 40 mm thick
    - Insulation coefficient k=1,2 W/m² K
    - 3-pont latch bolt with latch handle, panic function, lockable profile cylinder (lock no. 0501)
    - Open floor, stainless steel floor frame 50 x 80 x 80 x 2,5

    Model ESK-80:
    - Wall, door and roof elements 80 mm thick
    - Insulation coefficient k=0,35 W/m² K
    - Tumble bolt lock with a latch key, panic function, possibility of profile cylinder
    - Aluminium checkered plate floor, stainless steel floor frame 100 x 100 x 100 x 3, PU-foam insulation

    Mounting plate and assemblies

    - Sheet steel 2,5 mm thick
    - For wall element 480/ 500 mm: W= 400, H= 1930 mm
    - For wall element 980/1000 mm: W= 900, H= 1930 mm
    - Other sizes and materials on request
    - Mounting Assemblies C-profile

    Extra Features

    - Other RAL-colour tones
    - Reduced electrical surface resistance in accordance with DIN EN 50014 (< 109Ω)
    - Profile rubber sealed observation windows of laminated safety glass or acrylic glass in doors and wall elements
    - Other lock variations
    - Door stop with pressurized spring
    - Steam and hot water heating
    - Electrical heating in normal and Ex-proof versions
    - Cabinet ventilation system
    - Mounting plates
    - Mounting assemblies C-profile
    - Lighting, air ducts, air conditioning and other equipment can be installed if desired
    - Lifting eye bolts for normal and heavy weight capacities
    - Transport- or mounting joints at base frame
    - Other floor designs
    - Wider roof designs
    - Elements correspond to fire surface resistance class F 30 and B 1 - DIN 4102
    - Various cabinet heights and design variations upon inquiry
    - Sluiceways and porches upon inquiry
    - Integrated gas bottle cabinets upon inquiry